TheUnique’s ten keywords
  1. Love: for our work, for our readers and, of course, for Made in Italy.
  2. Beauty: that which surrounds us, from which made in Italy is born and which we must preserve.
  3. Culture: our origins. Our goal.
  4. Dedication: the one we have for the heritage we must pass on.
  5. Future: to explore new horizons with courage and determination.
  6. Commitment: the solidarity that is part of the history of each team member.
  7. People: people always come first. At any price.
  8. Respect: for people, for opinions, for choices, for freedom.
  9. Challenge: that of international markets.
  10. Uniqueness: whatever we do, we want to do it better and continually raise the bar.
The story of TheUnique begins long before its birth because it is a story of people and values. But also, of people of values. TheUnique’s aim from the outset was to put the human being at the center and make him the protagonist of its stories, to promote the creativity of Made in Italy to more generations of consumers, in an innovative and multi-channel way. With its unconventional approach, TheUnique performs an act of courage and, in an increasingly dematerialized world, challenges the rules of current publishing and proposes – as the spearhead of its production – paper stories. Since its inception, however, made in Italy has embodied the very essence of accessible luxury, which is why TheUnique also makes itself accessible through other channels.

But how does one become part of the TheUnique world?

There are four ways: 

  • One can be gifted with an unerring intuition for spotting stories about people, companies or products that deserve to be told on our pages.
  • One can be gifted with a talent for words and apply to write Italian stories that excite.
  • You can be an advertiser and want to buy advertising space in our media.
  • Or you can join TheUniqueClub to support our project and help us build the largest cultural, experiential, omnichannel, independent Made in Italy platform.