TheUnique was born from the desire to tell the world around us, and Italian style, from an experiential perspective. Why TheUnique? Why an English name for a Made in Italy editorial tool? Because we are inspired by the wisdom of Giovanni Battista Giorgini and his desire to give visibility, in a systematic and organised manner, to the image of a country that has always been imitated, but is inimitable, precisely because of that tradition and territory that are the DNA of all of us Italians. TheUnique is the will to represent something completely different from what already exists, but it is also the acronym of our mission Unarguably Nurturing Italian Qualitied Unrivalled Experience, i.e. that unquestionable Italian experience of unrivalled quality that nourishes and enriches and that has inspired our magazine.

The art of innovating
We want to be, in the world, a cultural reference for the concept of Italianness

After two years of a health emergency and a world conflict in Europe, we need to go in search of those same philosophical, artistic, scientific, and literary assumptions that shaped the modern consciousness after the Middle Ages, in order to look to the future of this age of barbarism and obscurantism. TheUnique, therefore, just like Humanism has placed the human being as a central focus, decides to start again from where it all began. From people. From their stories. To provide a combined physical and digital experience with a fresh elegance for readers who, regardless of their age, will always remain young.

Italian Passion
Innovation, sustainability, research, and quality are the traits of TheUnique’s DNA

Two are the pillars of TheUnique: to be a tool at the service of internationalisation, and a means of spreading the concept of sustainability that is the very principle of existence of Made in Italy. Be it food, fashion, technology, luxury, or art. TheUnique, then, as a printed magazine and as a digital transition tool, interpreted as a marketing lever and not just a communication tool. Much more than a portal, TheUnique is the place to meet the protagonists of the paper stories and go beyond the narrative. Extra contents, video interviews, a webtv and a webradio to export Italian style all over the world. But also, trade. TheUnique proposes itself as a meeting place between supply and demand to exploit the emotional effect and immediately conclude the purchase of what has just been seen or read.

Mission Future

TheUnique makes customer-centricity an instrument of knowledge and opens the doors of the metaverse to the SMEs of Made in Italy through the organisation of presentations, events and even from the inside knowledge of the realities that will be discussed from time to time focusing on the search for perceived value for their consumers. TheUnique’s extensive project is not limited to the digital space and aspires to the construction of a physical Brick-and-Mortar hub linked to the real economy of the Belpaese. TheUniqueItaly project envisages the construction of a completely sustainable physical location with a reception, a meeting room, an open space and 20 ad hoc spaces for each of the 20 Italian regions to be developed in association with the regions themselves. The outdoor space will be structured in the tradition of Italian gardens.