World’s largest labyrinth reopens

More than 300 thousand bamboo plants of 20 different species and a maze of forks and alleys make the Labyrinth of the Masone cultural park built near Fontanellato, in the province of Parma the largest maze in the world: a dream and a bet won, born from the brilliant and visionary mind of Franco Maria Ricci – publisher, designer, art collector, bibliophile – and the result of a promise made in 1977 to Jorge Luis Borges, in the very field where it now stands, to realize this immense work.

The Labyrinth of the Masone is a wish come true in 2015 that, season after season, has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors and that, again this year, reopens after the usual winter break. But the Labyrinth of the Masone is not just a winding path in which to find the exit, it is much more: the eight hectares in which the park stretches, composed entirely of bamboo hedges of many different varieties, make it a true village of culture.

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