Wondy Rossini
Author of the novel "Il Babbo Nascosto" (The Hidden Dad)

Wondy Rossini is my author pseudonym. Wondy is the name of the main character in “IL BABBO NASCOSTO” (THE HIDDEN DAD), my first autobiographical novel set near Lake Como. It tells the story of a daughter with an intentionally singular name, raised with the idea that her father died accidentally until the truth is revealed to her in her twenties. Her mother confesses to her that her father is actually alive and well, but no one knows where he really is. That revelation marks the beginning of a long and tortuous journey, in which Wondy courageously faces her traumas and the misguided and unfortunate love affairs that ensue, without ever losing the will to succeed in her goal: to rid herself of her ghosts and the anxieties of a girl who grew up without a father. Whether she will succeed or not, I leave it up to my readers to find out.

Why did you decide to write “Il Babbo Nascosto”?
The idea of telling my story was suggested to me by a person who always believed in me and noticed my penchant for writing during my work experience in New York in the early 2000s, when I was drafting press releases about events to promote Made In Italy food and wine in the United States. “Your life reads like a novel, why don’t you write a book? You might win an award one day”, he told me almost prophetically. I took his advice and devoted myself to turning my stories into words. Last year my novel received a Diploma of Honor from the Switzerland Literary Prize 2022 committee for the special artistic value of the work.

The message I want to convey with my story, also told with a hint of irony, is not univocal. “Il Babbo Nascosto” is not only the tale of a daughter who manages to overcome her anger over the unwarranted absence of a father, but of how tenacity can lead to achieving one’s goals. It also shows that growing up without a parent is not at all penalizing; on the contrary, it can become a prerogative that makes you special.

Where can your novel be purchased?
It can be found online on major digital platforms, or it can be ordered in bookstores. My website has all the references: www.wondyrossini.com

What is “Made In Italy” for you?
Made In Italy means creativity, quality and above all a lot of passion, typical of us Italians. These are the ingredients needed to write a novel that succeeds in moving readers!

Wondy Rossini was born and raised in Italy. She now lives in Switzerland in the company of her beloved Sphynx cat “Sissi.” She speaks six languages and has a degree in Public Relations and Business Communication. She lived for a time in New York City, where she attended New York University. THE HIDDEN DAD is her debut novel, Independently Published, which received an award for the special artistic value of the work submitted to the Switzerland Literary Prize 2022.

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