Wine and youth: an Italian project to prepare the “new market”

It started under the claim “No Water Today” the new project of Wining-Giovani, a youth association spin-off of the portal. A project dedicated to spreading wine culture among the under-23s.

It is an innovative project, complex to organize especially by virtue of an age group whose focus is mainly on mixology rather than on the search for the emotions that a good glass of wine can give. The project focuses on simple and direct communication.

A communication made by young people and aimed at young people, devoid of the technicalities that characterize the world of wine, starting with the basics of viticulture, then moving on to a real olfactory training phase, playing on the recognition of scents and then moving on to the actual tasting.

Four stages at producers in Lazio, set in the spirit of lightness and fun. Concepts such as these seem to appeal to those in the sector since the project itself, funded by Lazio Crea, enjoys the support of AIS Lazio and sector companies such as Tasterplace rather than other industry media.

A rewarding path for a sector that seems to know no crisis. A project that aims at spreading the culture of wine in a “slow” mode, trying to raise awareness among the “under” towards conscious drinking, but at the same time focusing on the values of a sector in which Made in Italy is definitely in pole position. 

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