Veriwatch: Main Sponsor of Winter Marathon 2024

The 36th edition of the Winter Marathon, the longest-running winter classic regularity competition included among the Superclassiches on the ACI Sport international calendar, will take place in Madonna di Campiglio (TN) from Thursday, January 18 through Sunday, January 21, 2024.

The “race on nails,” as enthusiasts like to call it, was created in 1989 with the aim of combining the spectacle of the cars that made history in past decades with that of the magnificent scenery of alpine landscapes. This year’s competition will see 120 crews on board cars built before 1968 or models of special historical and collector interest produced up to 1976 compete against each other among challenging sharp turns and fascinating snowy passes. It should also be noted that, thanks to a special “out-of-classification list,” cars built from 1977 to 1990 will also be allowed to compete.

The main innovations of the 2024 edition concern the route, which has been enriched with new passages and new trials. The two traditional stages remain confirmed: the first on the evening of Thursday, January 18 at the end of pre-race scrutineering and the second on Friday, January 19 through the most fascinating Dolomite roads and passes. On the afternoon of Saturday, January 20, the car show on the frozen lake will anticipate the closing dinner and awards ceremony. Crossing as many as 15 Dolomite passes, the route of this year’s 520-kilometer race will engage crews for a total of 16 hours of driving, 65 time trials and 9 average trials. At the forefront, among the Main Sponsors of this traditional winter event of the regularity world is, for the first time, the Italian watch brand VeriWatch, which will award, with timepieces from its Octopus collection, the winners of the overall classification and of the VeriWatch Trophy, a thrilling knockout challenge reserved for the first 32 classified crews of the Winter Marathon that will put on a show along the race course on the Frozen Lake.

“History, technique and passion. These are the values we share in this important competition that inaugurates the 2024 season of events related to the world of historic cars. We are proud and honored to become part, as Main Sponsor, of the Winter Marathon that, in addition to involving among the most quoted Top Drivers and important personalities from the international automotive world, does not neglect the pleasure of conviviality,” says Alessandro Leali, founder of the watch brand VeriWatch. (photo credits Winter Marathon, copyright Pierpaolo Romano)

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