Trevinano’s bet

The charm of Trevinano, a small village in Alto Lazio, gets to you just by looking around. Then, if you are looking for a reason to go to Trevinano, a couple of hours’ drive from Rome, you find it in ‘La Parolina‘, Iside De Cesare’s starred restaurant.

The environmental factor, with the majesty of the woods of the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, is out of question, as is the attachment of the inhabitants of this village (and neighbouring areas), true ambassadors of the quality of their produce.

Now, however, Trevinano is in a position to have an important card to play, which is that of the PNRR funds that have been allocated to the village, with the Trevinano Ri-Wind project.

20 million in funding requires organisation, vision, pragmatism and, above all, the ability to attract visitors, entrepreneurs, artists and events capable of enhancing the area.

The programme includes urban recovery and redevelopment, the development of sustainable tourism, culture, training, art with artist residencies, and food and wine.

In my opinion, it will be necessary to develop the ability to ‘work as a system’, thinking of a roadmap made up of enhancing what the territory offers, but also and above all of a different reading key, made up of thematic routes and, necessarily, of a certain alignment in the growth of mentality by the entire community.

A community I have come across. Friendly and pleasant, but the personal attitude will necessarily have to be followed by the ability to organise the territory in the best possible way.

Trevinano has natural resources. Now it also has economic ones. A courageous example, that of Isis to ‘place’ her Michelin star in this Borgo, could be a wonderful starting point for a new way of thinking.

It won’t be easy, and the communication, overseen by Euromedia, should in my opinion also and above all wink at the foreign market. I like the concept of anthropisation, as well as the fact that we should not forget that people and stories have passed through the Frangicena road over the centuries, the true value of this territory, as emphasised by Carlo Zucchetti, head of this project.

But innovation and a pinch of courage will also be needed.

Attracting will be important, but it will be even more important to ensure that the result is not just the charm of a day, but something more enduring.

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