The rebel-chic bomber jacket: versatile, sophisticated, non-conformist

Every garment has its own story, always a beautiful one, which speaks of the evolution of that (iconic) model that has been present in every wardrobe for years because it is so up-to-date!

The bomber jacket and the varsity jacket are two of the garments that, interwoven with great charisma, have always been loved by women of every generation. By combining these two style icons, POST SCRIPTUM has created a perfect mix to warm up the most refined looks this autumn season: the rebel- chic outerwear.

It was Stefania Pelucchi, a young designer and founder of the brand, who came up with the idea of mixing art and design of that bomber jacket worn by American aviators in World War II with elastic knit edges, no collar and diagonal pockets, and the wool fabric with the typical button placket of the varsity jacket, a status that has invaded Ivy League colleges since the 1930s.

The creative and sartorial skills of the brand have allowed it to take garments from the male wardrobe and transform them into the quintessence of female empowerment. Here, then, the bomber jacket evolves into a contemporary and sophisticated outerwear, without aping the passe-partouts of men’s fashion, but creating an impeccable execution made up of superfine attention to detail, excellence in the choice of materials that move from that precise idea of inclusion and versatility, values of Post Scriptum since its foundation.

Thus, a windowpane wool jacket is presented as a classic example of Couture-à-Porter: exclusive yet worn every day and on all occasions, in its place even in the evening, over a cashmere choker and a sequin pencil skirt, and even in the most precious moments, worn on the shoulders, to warm up a long beige chiffon dress.

Dedicated to all women with an unfettered femininity and a strong personality, used to bringing men’s garments to the fore in women’s wardrobes, it would certainly have been chosen for the autumn by Coco Chanel, Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn, who would have worn it with wide trousers and lace-up shoes, outlining the diktats of a style that is still trendy and never out of tune.

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