The new project “Sistina Chapiteau,” the traveling theater of Rome’s Teatro Sistina, starts in Milan.

A traveling theater for great musicals, the purpose of which will be to bring around Italy all the shows on the bill at Rome’s Teatro Sistina, Italy’s leading musical comedy theater, with its 200,000 spectators a year.
The “Chapiteau” promises to be decidedly innovative as far as Italian theater is concerned, with 1,500 seats in real armchairs, a large stage ready to host large-scale events and international shows.

“Sistina Chapiteau,” a project of Artistic Director Massimo Romeo Piparo, also stands as a “multifunctional” facility, perfect for congresses, conventions and concerts, thanks to its 300 sq. m. foyer, a food court, merchandising area and a space reserved for live music.

It starts in Milan, next Dec. 13, with CATS.

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