The new course of Mangano

Mangano, a contemporary 100% Made in Italy brand, acquired in June last year by the Lamonaca Group, which has been present for years on the Italian fashion scene with the brand Odi et Amo, aims to create garments that can enhance every type of woman.

“By carefully analyzing the market,” explains Marco Lamonaca, CEO of the Lamonaca Group, “we realized that the shares that were once occupied by Mangano are now garrisoned by other companies that can be considered direct competitors. This is why we decided to turn towards more sophisticated collections, which are best expressed in the details and quality materials: fabrics also made exclusively for us and 100% made in Italy”.

For the spring/summer 2023 collection, the design of the collection has been entrusted to an internal working group that is working on a total look and on the expansion of the collections to take the brand to the next level by making the most of its DNA and developing the sales network in Italy and internationally.

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