The machine that weighs and labels 130 pieces per minute is Italian

Called “Galaxi Hs,” it can get up to label 130 pieces per minute, and with this performance, the one designed and produced by Cooperativa Bilanciai di Campogalliano, rightfully enters among the fastest compact weighing and labeling machines in the world. The machine was presented at Cibus Tec, an event dedicated to technologies for industry and beverages at the Parma fair. In the technology area of the fair, it was possible to see the new equipment in operation inside an entire packaging line of cheese slices packed in thermoformed trays. The extremely compact size-the length is less than two meters-is another very important factor in optimizing the layout within the plant combined with the speed at which it operates.

The entire line was built in partnership with multiple companies from the industry. Cooperativa Bilanciai took care of the entire end-of-line part, managing the weighing and double-sided labeling of individual packages: brand label applied on the upper side and label with technical (ingredients, allergens), legal (weight and expiration date), logistic (bar code) and traceability (lot) information applied on the lower side.

In collaboration with Fiere di Parma” said Claudio Menozzi, product manager of the automatic lines sector of Cooperativa Bilanciai, “we had this opportunity that allowed us to show the solutions we propose on the move as well. Cibus Tec is an extraordinarily important showcase because it is attended by so many entrepreneurs who operate in the food sector and who are looking for increasingly high-performance, accurate equipment that can provide useful information for business management. This is also why we have been focusing with increasing determination on the possibility of making our machines communicate with ERP software used for the collection and management of business data.” “It should be emphasized that in our industry, too, there are constantly increasing requests to adapt our solutions to the use of packaging materials that have less impact on the environment. For example, there is a growing demand to make weighing solutions compatible with the use of paper packaging to replace plastic“, concluded Claudio Menozzi

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