The ‘IMPRESSES’ of Pomandère

Founded in 2008 by Carlo Zanuso, the brand’s creative heart, nature is the inspiration and privileged environment in which Pomandère’s creations move. The new SS23 collection was born, therefore, from the suggestions of a sea of sand rippled only by the lines drawn by the wind.

The collection confirms the brand’s attention and sensitivity to the theme of sustainability, in the knowledge that everyone, as he or she passes through, leaves imprints, just like on sand. All-natural dyes are used to consciously dye the iconic garments made of silk and cotton, choosing three new 100% eco-friendly colours: the yellow of reseda flowers, the green of pomegranate peel and the lilac obtained from campeche wood.

In the green garments and accessories, a sachet containing the raw materials used testifies to their sustainable origin and underlines the richness of the message. The looks with a never predictable identity are complemented by accessories that encapsulate the brand’s timeless style.


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