The Hands of Naples at Pitti Uomo 104

The Le Mani di Napoli association will once again present itself at Pitti Uomo 104 with an unmissable event set for 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 14, at the Sala della Scherma at the Fortezza da Basso. A panel discussion on the theme “Naples Inside. Naples on,” which will feature as speakers the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, Magnifico Rettore of the University Federico II Matteo Lorito, Pitti Immagine President Antonio De Matteis, Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, and chef Gennarino Esposito. Fashion journalist and host Cinzia Malvini will moderate. Naples is City of the World, always open to diversity, always welcoming. A powerful new eruption is underway in Naples. Day and night a lava flow of tourists flows along ancient paths and digs up new ones. No one has done anything to attract them, at least not today. The heritage people come to immerse themselves in has been there forever, though covered by a web as thick as slander and as vast as fear. All it took was for a gust of optimism to lift it and the city’s treasures began to shine again. The greatest treasure, however, is the treasure chest that contains them all, the city itself.

Naples has a very strong identity that has remained unchanged over time, holds the record for Europe’s largest UNESCO heritage center, streets and alleys full of history and tradition, breathtaking views, a bustling nightlife, excellent cuisine unparalleled in the world, and a theatrical, unique and original lifestyle. The secret of its charm is an attitude toward things and people that becomes a philosophy and finally a style, as recognizable and desirable as it is elusive.

It is this distillation of wisdom and vanity, faith, fatalism and other contrasts, that The Hands of Naples will talk about during the first part of the conference.  “The presence of the Naples brand on display at the most important and prestigious fashion show in Florence represents a further opportunity to promote our territory. Thanks to the consortium Le Mani di Napoli and its master artisans of the men’s supply chain, the city presents itself at this important international showcase as a bearer of art and elegance. The manufacturing industry, between craftsmanship and innovation, is among the most representative sectors of the local economy, and Pitti Uomo 104 is an unmissable event to tell Naples and its talent, in the field of tailoring and accessories, to the eyes of the world, confirming the great attractiveness of the Naples brand in every creative sector.” Gaetano Manfredi, Mayor of Naples. “Naples also expresses itself in its globally recognized intangible heritages. These are guarded and passed on by the great Neapolitan artisans who work in different sectors, from fashion to food to nativity art. But Naples is also a great University city with its main Athenaeum celebrating 800 years since its founding. The Hands of Naples and Ateneo Federico II have decided to collaborate to promote the heritage of the artisan hands of Naples, for the benefit of the city and the image of our country.” Matteo Lorito, Rector Federico II. “The Hands of Naples are the example that alone we run fast but together we go far! A unique aggregation of know-how of our wonderful city that opens to the world to make its skills known.” Antonio De Matteis, Pitti Immagine President.

In the second part, however, space will be given to the exposition of the Disciplinare della Sartoria Napoletana, a document that will revolutionize the industry. After identifying the foundations of the Neapolitan Style, Le Mani di Napoli will take charge of codifying and respecting the traditional processes that interpret its spirit, thus achieving results of the highest aesthetic, cultural and material value. Only an authoritative and convinced association could push on this path of transparency that will benefit everyone and harm only those who thrive on ambiguity. During the event, awards will be given to the dean tailors: Antonio Liverano, Carmelo Crimi. Memorial plaques to the founders of Calabrese 1924, Sartoria Formosa, Barbarulo Cufflinks.

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