The book “Modigliani il principe” becomes a movie

The international European co-production that will tell the story of the life of the great Italian artist was presented at the Rome Film Festival. Directed by Angelo Longoni, playwright, director, and storyteller as well as author of the title book “Modigliani il principe” (“Modigliani the Prince”) which tells the human story of the great Leghorn artist.

An important work that unites Italy, Poland, France, Serbia, and Spain. On the occasion of the press presentation, which was held on the opening day of the Rome Film Festival, in the space of the Lazio Region, the first names of the cast, which promises to live up to Modigliani’s worldwide fame, were revealed: from France, Fanny Ardant, from Spain Oscar Casas, Serbia will make its artistic contribution with Maestro Goran Bregovic, who will compose the music for the film, and Bojana Nikitovic, costume designer collaborating with Oscar winner Milena Canonero.

In the days when we are discussing how to make the best use of public financing for cinema,” Gabriella Carlucci stressed, “I think we need to focus on internationalization, on quality projects that can be of interest of an international audience”. Present at the press conference, along with director Longoni, were Lorenza Lei, head of Cinema Regione Lazio, Luciano Renzi, president of the Amedeo Modigliani Institute, and the co-producers of the five countries: Mario Pezzi (Blue Film), Angelo Longoni and Eleonora Ivone (Wake up Produzioni), Gabriella Carlucci (The Arena), André Djaoui (Ad Production France), Sławomir Jozwik (Watercolor film, Poland), Tatjana Žeželj Gojković (Archangel Digital, Serbia), and Horacio Urban (Urban Film, Spain) in remote connection, but also Golden Group, a company founded in 1996 by Davide Malaguti, Italy’s leading independent player in the subsidized finance sector and one of the most important groups at the European level, specializing in the film industry, which sponsored the event. Filming is expected to take place between spring and summer 2024, on the 140th anniversary of Modigliani’s birth.


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