SpaghettiWall wallpapers: the usual Italians

The English expression ‘To throw spaghetti against the wall” expresses, metaphorically, the con-stant search for and experimentation with innovative, unconventional solutions. A philosophy that well represents SpaghettiWall, an Italian company whose roots are in Udine, creative and very versatile, able to offer a wide range of decorative solutions.

The wallpapers of the brand, part of Gruppo Luce, are customisable, produced just in time and sized in relation to the surface on which they are to be applied, selectable on eleven different supports for application in any interior context. The papers, non-toxic, resistant and PVC free, can also be sound-absorbent or water-repellent. They say of themselves: “We are the usual Italians. Creative, unpredictable, passionate. Part artist and part craftsman. Idealists and individualists. Elegant and spontaneous. Imaginative and obsessive about details. We like to enjoy life, every day, in any situation”.

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