Sorelle Private Collection

Who are Karin Chantal and Caprice?
We are two sisters from Turin, ‘daughters of art’, as they say, daughters of textile entrepreneurs for generations. We are women, daughters, mothers, brides, aunts, sisters, friends and passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their talent and professionalism, cultivated since childhood and which belongs to the family DNA, in a contemporary and visionary key.

Why did you decide to set up Sorelle Private Collections?
Observing the reality around us in the fashion world, we realized, also from the comments of people we knew and frequented, that there was a lack of attention to the person, and specifically to women. So, we decided to create our own brand ‘Sorelle private collections’ that could combine high-end fabrics, a timeless style in which the absolute protagonist was the customer; just like it used to be. Exclusivity, discretion, and luxury. At the same time, we chose to share a limited selection of iconic and most representative garments, the most loved by our top buyers, for a wider web audience. Our strength is customization. Based on a wide range of models and fabrics to suit all shapes and ages, our guest can choose the model, fabric and color that suits her best to create a garment that speaks specifically about her. Our garments are born from the need to always be tidy at work, for breakfast, cocktails, and dinner. A change of detail and our clean lines, linked to skillful craftsmanship, are perfect for every moment.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In the future we see ourselves in Turin and around the world, in the hearts of satisfied people and with garments that speak of each of them: unique and unrepeatable.

What is ‘Made in Italy’ for you?
Made in Italy for us is absolute attention to the customer and their satisfaction. The constant search for fabrics and cuts where, for us, true elegance lies in sobriety, in taking away rather than adding, to give more and more space to the personality of each of us.

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