Slow Luxury

Made in Italy to me is a promise of quality, craftsmanship, savoir-faire and savoir-vivre. at the same time, it is a great responsibility for the brand that represents it, which requires transparency and honesty. made in italy is product culture, tradition and innovation. it is a great opportunity for small brands like ours to establish themselves in an area of great value. combining slow luxury and Made in Italy makes us particularly proud.
Gianluca Maina – CEO and Founder

Gianluca Maina, CEO and founder, likes to repeat that GHISÒ is, firstly and foremostly, about people. It is the story of deep-rooted bonds with customers and suppliers who share a transformational path. It is the story of people who, over time, have chosen each other and established a collaboration built on a common principle: to do one’s best not just for oneself, not just for each other, but for what one believes in.

And GHISÒ, through its exploration of the new territories of sustainable desire, believes that slow luxury is the future of design, production, and communication, in the face of the – ever-growing – need for sustainability, awareness and responsibility. This is the reason why the company has always favored eco-conscious materials such as leather tanned using natural plant-based tannins valued for their antioxidant, antibiotic, and antibacterial properties.

Being a niche brand, the value of the choice is not so much in the quantity of production, but in the manifest willingness to take responsibility for ethical behaviors that make a difference even when practiced by everyone. The actions taken by GHISÒ can be summed up in the Eco-Sourced with Care program that the company has launched over the past year, which, in addition to the use of 100% vegetable-tanned leather, includes the use of mainly local deadstock available in natural fibers, mostly in cotton, which meets 70% of the requirements for the creation of bags and tote bags made from sustainable fabrics such as recycled organic cottons and locally available linens. But that’s not all.

GHISÒ products, in fact, are designed with the highest standards of attention to detail, but to be able to achieve these results, both in design and production, it is necessary to make use of particularly talented partners who share the company’s motto of quality without compromise, and the only place the company has been able to find these partners is in Tuscany, a region with a long tradition of leather processing, and home to producers who are not only cutting-edge, but with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

But if the Made in Tuscany label was already distinctive, GHISÒ has pushed the bar even a little higher. What’s the point of selecting eco-friendly materials if, for each stage of the production process, each component must be shipped around the world to lower production costs, increasing – at the same time – carbon emissions? For this reason, GHISÒ has established a network of suppliers located within an 80-kilometer radius to ensure that there are no carbon emissions in its supply chain.

By cutting out the middlemen and working directly with small and medium-sized family-owned businesses, it not only allows for personal relationships, support for creative talent, and the revival of low-impact ancestral techniques such as embroidery and natural dyeing, but also for close monitoring of each supplier company’s programs in relation to quality in water management, waste, carbon footprint, energy consumption, chemicals, and commitment to employees. A story, that of GHISÒ, of passion for beautiful and well-made things that defy time to tell the story of the craftsmanship of a tradition rooted in the quality of products made to last.


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