Skills and Genes presents Women 4 Women

The capsule collection WOMEN 4 WOMEN is an all-female initiative that transforms fashion into a vehicle of support, 3 T-shirts made by 3 women, designers, exceptional artists: Clara Bona, Ilaria Franza and Marzia Dainelli. The project sees them interpret through their own distinctive traits three forms of femininity. Thirty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts, purchased through the brand’s direct channels starting March 8, will be donated to the Edela Association, a nonprofit association that works throughout the country to protect and support the orphans of feminicide and their foster families

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I’m every woman

We are on the set, someone puts on the music, and the music starts with Chaka Khan singing “I’m every woman“, an empowering anthem that

Lovli is Amabile’s best seller

The Lovli earring is Amabile Jewels‘ best seller and fully embodies the spirit of the brand. A bright colored cubic zirconia that fits into the