Six Senses Rome’s Sustainable Christmas

Six Senses Rome celebrates its first Christmas under the banner of sustainability with the originality of installations designed by Architect Giampiero Panepinto. Taking inspiration from the Six Senses philosophy, the Christmas decorations are entirely created with natural materials such as paper, wood, rock salt and yuta declined in a color palette that aligns well with the hotel’s design.

Thanks to the work of skilled Italian artisans, the paper takes on volume and becomes three-dimensional using the ancient technique of origami, thus giving life to giant reindeer, geometric fir trees and the ever-present Santa Claus on a sleigh loaded with bags of presents. Lots of little Santas on wooden swings decorate the windows of the BIVIUM Restaurant-Café-Bar and recall the iconic “Lunch on a Skyscraper” photograph taken in the New York sky. Nordic-inspired, the wooden pines that decorate the hotel’s two entrances are laid on a bed of snow-originally created with rock salt-and are of different types including oak, pine, and larch. Each type of wood has its own color, grain, shape, size, and scent for a direct appeal to the senses.

The only “real” Christmas tree is placed at the base of the magnificent monumental staircase and will be replanted once the holiday season is over. It is decorated with homemade gingerbread cookies in a variety of shapes including star, moon, heart and angel, and small arrangements of cinnamon and orange slices dried in our Earth Lab. Francesca Tozzi, general manager of Six Senses Rome, says, “We are delighted to celebrate this magical time of the year for the first time at our hotel and to celebrate the holiday spirit together with our hotel guests and the city.

We look forward to seeing you join in the Six Senses-style experiences we have designed for you.” The festive program includes evenings of live musical entertainment and a calendar of bookable workshops themed around sustainability, wellness, and good food, as well as traditional culinary events on Christmas Eve, lunch on the 25th, New Year’s Eve dinner and New Year’s Day brunch. Traditionally homemade mulled wine and apple fritters will be served daily at 5:30 p.m., a small ritual that will be carried on through Sunday, Jan. 7.

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