Simona Solbiati for ChocoLOVE

PURE LOVE. Four pralines created exclusively for ChocoLOVE Milano 2024 by maître chocolatier Simona Solbiati to celebrate the purity, authentic and enveloping taste of Belgian chocolate. A small sensory journey, for those who love the pleasure of chocolate in all its nuances, discovering flavors and textures. Pralines that reflect Simona Solbiati’s pure love for the careful selection of raw materials, the search for balance, harmony and naturalness of the products, and the careful and slow manual processing. “Small and varied chocolate pleasures that I hope will be able to give those who taste them a complete emotional experience,” Simona wishes. “Also being able to perceive the essence of the ingredients and the character of each individual praline, sweet or sour, fruity or aromatic, will give unique sensations and taste explosions through the involvement of the five senses.”

Four colors, four aromatic qualities:

MAGENTA: a crispy milk chocolate shell filled with Evocao 72% single-origin cocoa ganache. An intense, tart and refined aroma with notes of tropical fruits: mango, lemon, tangerine, passion fruit and cocoa pulp.

GREEN: A crispy shell of Criollo Ocumare 71% dark chocolate with passion fruit jelly filling. An intense aroma with slight acidity, notes of caramel, tobacco, nuts, papaya, underbrush, mushrooms and dates.

BLUE: a crispy shell of Criollo Ocumare 71% dark chocolate with Tonka bean ganache filling. A refined and enveloping flavor, spicy and aromatic. The notes are those of sweet almond and delicate vanilla, while the Tonka bean also returns vague hints of cinnamon, caramel, tobacco, honey.

YELLOW: a crunchy shell of 70% dark chocolate filled with lavender flower-scented ganache. A delicate aroma, aromatic notes and an enveloping taste.

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