Sicilian Experiential Cosmetics

From the love for Sicily and for natural cosmetics and from the union of different and complementary professional skills, Cosmesi Siciliana, the Made in Sicily cosmetics line, was born in 2017 in the Egadi Islands and with the “Giardini Ipogei” line.
The distribution process on the national territory starts in 2018 and sees the entry of Cosmesi Siciliana in the Herbalist’s, Pharmacy, Parapharmacy, Bioprofumery and Perfumery channels and in 2019 also the entry, in the shareholding structure, of new partners in order to strengthen the patrimonial base to guarantee an adequate commercial development. Cosmesi Siciliana currently offers a catalogue of 54 references, has a sales network of around 20 agents, and is present in around 400 points of sale.



Cosmesi Siciliana’s objective is to guarantee a sensory experience that allows you to experience the magic of Sicily, a unique land with the highest biodiversity in the entire Mediterranean, from which, thanks to the ‘InCampagna‘ network of companies, flowers and fruits are transformed into precious extracts.

The peculiarity of the Cosmesi Siciliana proposal – which has determined the rapid spread of the brand on the Italian market – is represented by the eco-bio certified ‘Profumi di Sicilia’: eau de toilette and perfumed waters made with pure organic alcohol that is completely cruelty and GMO free, as well as the total absence of ecologically unsustainable materials, both in the product and in the packaging, and the use of agricultural and livestock products from certified organic farming.

Cosmesi Siciliana is a sensory journey in search of the origins in the heart of Trinacria.

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