Scavia’s Golden Century

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum presents IL SECOLO D’ORO DI SCAVIA. Una bellezza che incanta (SCAVIA’S GOLDEN CENTURY. A beauty that enchants), a foray of goldsmith art into the permanent itinerary of the House Museum created in collaboration with Scavia that will run from November 8 to 12, 2023.

The exhibition, a hundred years after the opening of the first Milanese store, seals a partnership between the House Museum and the renowned jewelry maison that has enchanted the world with timeless creations for a century. Scavia’s century-long history is an example of Milan’s high artistic craftsmanship that has seen as many as four generations of a family dedicated to jewelry making take turns. Scavia and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum are two realities that share the same setting of beauty and magnificence: the “Fashion Quadrilateral,” the heart of Milan that became a luxury district during the 20th century, and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum animates its cultural life.

The exhibition IL SECOLO D’ORO DI SCAVIA. Una bellezza che incanta (SCAVIA’S GOLDEN CENTURY. A beauty that enchants), therefore, wants to pay homage to this exciting family affair: in the rooms of the Museum, some of the brand’s historical jewelry will be on display, in close synergy with the permanent collection, alongside others of recent workmanship, the result of the creative flair of Fulvio and Alessandro Scavia. Unique pieces that make immediately recognizable the passion and dedication of their designers, many of them recipients of prestigious international awards, such as the magnificent Sandra Dia earrings, designed in 1988 for Elizabeth Taylor and now iconic thanks to their unusual and fascinating shape.

Accompanying the jewelry will be archival photographs testifying to more than 100 years of activity: shots of the goldsmith’s work in the workshop and historical images of the first store on Corso XXII Marzo, as well as family photos, haute couture shows, social events and meetings with famous international faces.

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