Rome: applicant for the World Water Forum 2027

On October 23, the II Italian Water Dialogue: Blue development and Hydrodiplomacy, organized by the Festival of Diplomacy, was held in Rome. It was an opportunity to define an agenda that includes the participation of leading national companies in international development projects aimed at achieving the goals set forth in Goal 6 of the United Nations Agenda 2030, which aims to ensure clean water and sanitation for all. During the presentation event of the upcoming World Water Forum to be held in Bali in 2024, the city of Rome was nominated as a candidate to host the World Water Forum 2027: this was announced by Antonio Tajani in a letter to the Assembly of the National Association of Consortia for Land Management and Protection and Irrigated Water (ANBI). The World Water Forum, held every three years, is one of the largest water-related gatherings jointly organized by the World Water Council and a co-host city. The event is attended by national and international exhibitors from the Water, Waste Treatment, Health, and Utilities sectors.

Italy already hosts UNESCO’s World Water Assessment Program (WWAP), author of the United Nations World Water Development Report. During the event, the Institutional Promoting Committee presented experiences and best practices in five areas: access to water and improved sanitation and hygiene; rational use of water for sustainable agriculture; reuse and regeneration, the circular economy of water; innovation, digitalization, and water; and water and disaster prevention.

Examples of projects that Italy, through its cooperation and companies, has carried out in different contexts were clearly and quickly illustrated and testify to the role that our country and its entrepreneurial system can assume in a sector with growing prospects and opportunities. This is a candidacy that is ideally linked to that of the capital to host Expo 2030, which focuses on the sustainability of the cities of the future.

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