Rocco Ragni: Orange ‘double

In the Bottega Perugina founded by ROCCO RAGNI, his headquarters in the village of Compresso, near Perugia, the artisans who are the guardians of ancient knowledge have moulded a spring outfit that exudes euphoria from every detail.

The parka in iridescent techno taffeta with zip fastening is not only an elegant windbreaker with attention to the smallest detail: its 1950s allure, with elbow-length sleeves, high collar and two-coloured drawstring waist that can be adjusted at will, makes it a light, refined and at the same time transformist outerwear. While on the one hand it is solid-coloured, on the other it sports a soap bubble print in sorbet shades, delicate and subtle, and this double-sided soul makes it suitable for creating a thousand different looks.


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