Rigacuore La Molisana: the pasta of Valentine’s Day

Rigacuore La Molisana, the pasta format born on Valentine’s Day 2021 from the love of the consumers who chose its name, is the pasta format par excellence dedicated to love and that will make everyone fall in love!
The heart shape as well as the porous surface that captures every sauce create a pleasant fullness in the mouth. Like all of the company’s pasta shapes, Rigacuore is prepared according to La Molisana’s traditional recipe: the mountain air of Molise that preserves the wheat intact and ensures a pure dried pasta; the spring water used for the dough that arrives cold directly from the Matese Park; the stone husking, carried out today with the most modern technologies that keep intact the original qualities of every single grain of wheat, for a rough and tough pasta, bronze drawn and with excellent cooking properties.

And that’s not all: La Molisana uses only 100% Italian high-protein wheat (up to 17%) which, thanks to its high protein content, guarantees uniform cooking in all its parts while the bronze drawing gives a rough surface that best captures all the sauces.

La Molisana’s wheat comes from Molise, Puglia, Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo, where the supply chain agreements implemented by the company recognise a guaranteed minimum price for the more than 1,450 farmers and introduce reward models that incentivise the quality of the raw material. In this way, La Molisana develops an important tool to support Italian agriculture, create a stable link with the territory and protect their work.

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