Prosecco Doc: 400 mln contacts communication campaign

A cross-media communication campaign worth about 400 million contacts in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Austria that of the Prosecco Doc Consortium with the famous Veneto-Friuli bubbles starring in commercials in the major national television networks, in the seven main Italian radio stations, in social media and on billboards (880 posters in London’s Tube alone, and then Milan, Cortina, Bormio, Livigno and Courmayeur). There is no shortage of ads in the specialized and non-specialized press (including Times, Sunday Times, Time magazine and New York Times), a presence at concerts by Irama and Rkomi, Annalisa, Elisa and Laura Pausini, and on 727 movie screens in cinemas scattered throughout Italy.

Prosecco then appears on large posters in Milan and on giant screens in New York’s Time Square. “As a complement to the intense monitoring activity aimed at protecting Prosecco, and in addition to the numerous promotional actions that we constantly carry out both in Italy and in the rest of the world, it has become a tradition that our Consortium at the end of the year launches an important communication campaign with an international scope to emphasize the consolidated role of Prosecco Doc in celebrating the most awaited festivities for everyone,” explained the president, Stefano Zanette, adding that “with this action, the Consortium pays the greatest attention to the most consolidated markets, in particular, in addition to Italy, the English- and German-speaking countries to which we are addressing with a cross-media project that will convey our message through traditional and newer media, but also with artistic installations that are innovative for us.”

Starring in the commercial programmed on Rai networks at peak viewing times is Virna Toppi, prima ballerina at La Scala, accompanied by Davide Garzetti, a parkour professional and sports model. Also in the TV sphere, Prosecco Doc will also be aired on national American TV PBS, hosted by Lidia Bastianich, queen of long-running programs dedicated to food and wine with her Lidia’s Kitchen show.


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