Pomodorino d’Oro: Mutti rewards the best farmers

Intensity, flavor, mechanical harvesting care, excellence of raw material not only in the central harvesting period but also at the end of the campaign: tomatoes are a serious business and Mutti, a leading company in the industry, rewards virtuous farmers with its Oscar for quality.

To two Emilian companies the first two Mutti Pomodorino d’Oro of 2023 – there are four categories – handed out at a ceremony in Reggio Emilia. Created in 2000, Il Pomodorino d’Oro is a cash prize Mutti awards each year to its best farmers for the quality of the tomatoes they grow: a 100% Italian product, carefully controlled from seed to fruit. The award has experienced growth over the years that “is common with that experienced by farmers and even our own company,” said CEO Francesco Mutti.

For the ’round tomato’ category, the Franzoni Agricultural Company of Gualtieri was awarded the prize. The Franzoni family has pioneered, in close collaboration with Mutti, the ‘Instafactory’ project to process tomatoes into passata directly in the field, and has particularly distinguished itself over the years, so much so that it holds the record for the Mutti Pomodorino d’Oro Tondo trophy, won six times since 2010. Turning to ‘date tomatoes,’ the only one of the four categories in which both supply chains, North and South, compete, the winner was the Bosco farm of Stefano and Marina Bosco from Coenzo (Parma). On November 10 in Cerignola (Foggia) Mutti will present the Pomodorino d’Oro for the ‘long tomato’ and ‘cherry tomato’ categories.

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