Pomì renews logo and pack
Pomì turns 40 and changes its visual identity

Pomì, the brand of 100% Italian tomato pulp and puree, turns 40 and presents a complete rebranding that includes a new logo, new packaging and a revamped design system starting with the Italian market. Born in the early 1980s in the province of Parma, in the heart of Italy’s food valley, Pomì immediately distinguished itself for its innovative capacity with a cardboard pack, unique for the type of product, that brought it to tables all over the world. Today, the brand is ready to write a new chapter in its history, characterising it with the basic elements of its philosophy: 100% Italian supply chain, high quality and environmental sustainability.

The pack, designed by the creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi (Publicis Groupe), uses a simplified but direct layout with a strong impact to create a contemporary style while maintaining codes from the past where the immortal claim “O Così. O Pomì.” is the protagonist and absolute synthesis of the unique and inimitable way of making Pomì tomatoes. Even the logo becomes minimalist, losing the shadow and the green accent. The aim of the operation is to renew a brand reputation that connects not only today’s buyers, but also conquers a younger target, future consumers. The new pack will be available on Italian shelves from February 2023.

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