Pomellato inaugurates new One-Of-A-Kind boutique in Rome

Inaugurating the new boutique in Rome, larger and extraordinary in concept, fills me with joy. Despite being a brand so deeply Milanese in style and savoir-faire, Pomellato has received extraordinary acclaim in the capital, confirming its winning transversality. Pomellato’s independent and revolutionary spirit, as well as its iconic collections, find in this new boutique a temple steeped in beauty,” said Sabina Belli, CEO of the Pomellato Group as she inaugurated the new Pomellato boutique in Rome at Via Condotti 63A.

With the ribbon-cut attended by the press and its loyal clientele, the brand celebrated, by gaining a larger space in the Eternal City, the success of its unconventional approach to jewelry, now beloved worldwide. Pomellato’s close ties to the genius of Milanese design and its roots in the highest tradition of goldsmith craftsmanship have made it a benchmark for bold yet understated jewelry, created without sacrificing the freedom of creative expression. Nonconformist style and excellent workmanship in gold, diamonds and color gems have made Pomellato as unmistakable as it is highly desirable.

Indeed, signature collections such as Nudo, Iconica, Catene and La Gioia high jewelry are winning over an increasingly substantial Italian and cosmopolitan clientele, setting Pomellato among the ranks of international luxury brands. At 63A Via Condotti, Pomellato is transformed, but without abandoning the groove of its identity. Characterized by an opulent and very enveloping environment, the new boutique in fact reveals a whole new concept. Pomellato’s exuberant personality is immediately revealed by the copious use of Montenapoleone red, an iconic color for the brand, combined with various shades of pink. Lacquers, golden brass, and red travertine marble, a material that recalls the architecture of historic places such as the Palace of Italian Civilization in Rome or the Strasbourg Gallery in Milan, dominate the furnishings.

Montenapoleone red travertine and lacquered red travertine showcases, reminiscent of the shape of Nudo, prelude a first area characterized by a pink carpeted floor inserted among decorative motifs in pink perlino marble, red travertine and royal yellow marble that recall the shapes of Pomellato’s most symbolic collections. The dramatic ceiling, with a grid pattern and mirrored panels, cites that of Villa Necchi Campiglio. A second area, conceived as a living room, reveals a more private, stronger-hued space, with blue carpeting, a back wall of cannulated red travertine with a picture window in the center that will always display a one-of-a-kind jewel. Above, a magnificent dome with gleaming brass ribbing inspired by the Pantheon.

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