Pomandère launches Eyewear Line

All the style of Pomandère at your fingertips. The strength of a gesture, the memory of a scent, the intimacy of an environment. Inspirations that manage to create atmospheres, for a precise lifestyle that Carlo Zanuso has materialized in Pomandère, with whispered, never imposed proposals that convey craftsmanship and the value of uniqueness, always rejecting standardization. The eyewear project was born in the summer of 2023 and is part of a solid brand reality that took its first steps in 2008 and nowadays has worldwide distribution at more than 400 multi-brand fashion boutiques. The brand’s groundbreaking values are embodied in this ambitious project in which quality, design, and sophistication come together, creating iconic shapes. Combining functionality and aesthetics, Pomandère offers the possibility to choose the shape that best suits one’s face, personal style or any occasion. It achieves this through a sophisticated proposal of colors declined on a wide range of frames.

For this project, Pomandère has selected only high-end materials to ensure one of the best qualities currently on the market. The hypoallergenic cellulose used for the frames, as well as the lenses with 100% UV protection, were chosen to assure wearing comfort and durability over time. True to the brand’s founding principles, the “handmade” eyewear line also includes a soft reinterpretation of timeless silhouettes, rigorously designed, and manufactured in Italy. The particularly textural nature that distinguishes the Pomandère world, in addition to the meticulous and intimate care given to details and the passion for the interior, is expressed in its choice to collaborate with Premiata Ceramica, a contemporary ceramic art project made in Italy.

From this synergy are born displays designed exclusively for the eyewear line. Ceramic diplays in which research and materiality come together to make a support that elevates and enhances, not only in a figurative sense, the project, and its relevance within the collection. Each pair of glasses is then carefully stored inside a small bag, guarded in a box that bears the logo of the eyewear line and is also engraved on the frames. The new logo is represented by an accent that holds great meaning: not only the echo of the accent present in Pomandère, but also the desire to emphasize an ambitious project such as that of the new eyewear line, the desire of paying attention and valuing even the smallest details.

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