Pintinox: design at the table

If it is Monsignor Giovanni della Casa who is credited with the first codification ‘de modi che si deve o tenere, o schifare nella comune conversazionee‘ (of the ways that one should either hold or disdain in common conversation), it is not surprising that it was the Belpaese who gave birth to the tools for a more civilised consumption of food.

The first cutlery in history were knives, which are traced back to the Stone Age, but it was the Romans who first used them, albeit with limited use, at the table. Until the 16th century, however, the use of cutlery was reserved for the nobility and wealthy families, so much so that, in 1581, Michel de Montaigne, during his trip to Italy, noted, for the use and consumption of posterity, the all-Italian custom of serving oneself – in daily meals – with an individual fork with two prongs, placed between two wipes together with bread, a spoon and a knife.

Today, the taste of the table passes not only from the dishes, but also from the design of the cutlery and accessories. In the Valtrompia area, known since the times of the Roman Empire for its metalworking, in 1929 Giacomo Pinti founded his first workshop for chrome-plated brass cutlery and cutlery, giving life to Pinti Inox S.p.A., today a large industrial reality, leader in the cutlery sector that, with its capacity for research and innovation, experiments with bold shapes, new finishes and colours, giving life to resistant and high-quality items, unique on the market.

Design is the leitmotif of Pintinox’s cutlery collections which, historically, aims to explore new shapes and improve the performance of objects but also to inspire new sensibilities and interpret new lifestyles and needs. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Audrey collection, designed by Marcello Ziliani, whose fluid forms, devoid of stylistic quirks and delicate minimalism combining formal rigour and soft lines, won the Good Design Award Table Top Category and the European Product Design Award Silver Winner. The Pintinox cutlery lines (Liberty, New York, Privilege, Tecna and Trumpet) embrace very different styles and are therefore suitable for any china. At Pinti Inox, the saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ is not just a figure of speech!

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Francesco Paolo Salerno

Who is Francesco? Francesco is a visionary who decided to make fashion his life. I was born in a very difficult town, Foggia, a city