Phenomena Award lands in Tokyo

Twenty-one women-owned companies from Abruzzo and central and southern Italy, including 14 from the food and 7 from the fashion industry, are in Tokyo these days for the first edition of “Phenomena Japan“, the “pink” entrepreneurship fair organized by Ifta with the support of the Abruzzo Region and the Chieti-Pescara Chamber of Commerce.

The event, organized by Molise-born journalist Michela Zio, is in full swing in Tokyo Tower. Crucial to the success of the event is the collaboration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (Iccj). “Phenomena” is an event that sees women in fashion and food from the regions of Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata and southern Italy in “pole position.” Combined with the exhibition show is a prize that, since 2021, brings emerging “brands” into the spotlight in Pescara.

The “made in Italy” made by women entrepreneurs in all its production stages is awarded during the “showcase.” High turnout of distributors and buyers from Tokyo at the “Phenomena Japan” show, who, voting for the best products on display, allowed the awarding of the prize to 4 “brands”: two from fashion and two for food. The statuette, for the occasion colored in mimosa yellow, went to the eco friendly clothing brand “Nanaleo” of Bari designer Ivana Pantaleo and for accessories to “Coolt” of Abruzzo entrepreneur Eleonora D’Ambrosio, already awarded in the Italian 2023 edition. For food, Beatrice and Paola De Ferri of Chieti-based Azienda Agricola Pierina De Ferri and Cinzia Luciani of the P&C Italian Style Association won.

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