Palazzo delle Pietre: when culture art and hospitality are one

Palazzo delle Pietre is a project from which passion oozes. Passion for style, for art and for things ”well done”. There is a common thread that creates continuity when speaking with Carlo Mazzi, with his daughter Barbara and his wife Patrizia Albano: three different profiles that manage to transfer to us guests the pleasure of what has been done in the Palazzo and for the Palazzo.

A long restoration work, which lasted over six years. A small labyrinth in which to discover flats, each with its own identity, for which the utmost care has been taken, from style to furnishings, passing through advanced technological solutions that respect design and functionality as well as paintings, tapestries and furnishings placed in the dwellings.

It is difficult to pass unscathed on the way from one flat to the next. Whether from a glance caught by a statue, a frieze or a marvellous shrine full of ancient artefacts.

The approach is not typical of a hotel (or luxury residence).

When Patrizia talks about the individual objects placed in the flats, his is the ‘talk’ of someone who has desired that object, sought it out and then offered it to the visitor and, in some cases, even with a little apprehension as to its care.

There is that healthy maniacal attention to detail, made up of sleepless nights spent even choosing silks for a cushion. What I perceive is the same care one would have for one’s own home and guests. From the welcome to the details. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing leaves one with the feeling of dealing with something commercial.

The contamination with art and culture is also beautiful. In the hall on the ground floor there is a marvellous room set up to welcome participants to the FraMmenti Club and the meetings organised by Clara Tosi Pamphili.

Rome always reserves great surprises. Even crossing the threshold of Palazzo delle Pietre, in Via delle Coppelle 23, there will be no lack of surprises.

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