Officine Mattio launches a motivational campaign urging not to be passive

Officine Mattio, the prestigious racing and gravel bike brand, launches its ‘Choose to be‘ campaign. More than an invitation, that of the Cuneo-based company is a real call to action: “Choose to be whoever you want to be, because you can, because you are free. The important thing is not to remain passive‘. So, choose to be, but above all choose to choose.

The campaign combines, on the one hand, the concept of choice, of willpower, which is central to the world of sport, athletics, and cycling, but which at the same time also concerns the everyday life of each person studded with small, big decisions, and on the other hand, the dimension of being, of identity and self-expression, as a stimulus for conscious freedom.

Choose to be incites the uniqueness and exclusivity that are typical of the Cuneo-based company’s bicycles: entirely Made in Italy, refined and cared for, they can be customised at will with an infinity of colours, materials and components. Founded in Cuneo in 2013 to produce handcrafted frames with the use of the best materials and the most advanced technologies, Officine Mattio today employs more than 20 people in-house and induced and its three collections are exported to 26 countries worldwide, including Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia, and South America.

Proudly Cuneo-based even in its logo, which features the silhouette of Monviso, the company has made customisation, elegance, and minimalism its hallmarks, so much so that the Brondello, one of its most famous creations, is on display in Manhattan in the exclusive Atelier Luxuny, which offers Made in Italy objects and artefacts that are the fruit of the finest Italian craftsmanship.

The Choose to Be campaign was curated by the company’s in-house marketing department with the creative support of the Savigliano-based web and graphic communications agency Estroverso.

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