Milo Manara’s The Name of the Rose triumphs among comics.

Surpassing Pennac and Ammaniti, it leaves behind Prince Harry and Coelho: long-awaited and immediately bestselling, the comic book version signed by Milo Manara of Umberto Eco’s ‘The Name of the Rose’ not only conquers first place in the weekly comic book sales ranking compiled by GFK and published by Tuttolibri, but also makes its way into the general top ten, confirming a great deal of attention not only from fans.

In just a few days, the first volume of the graphic novel, published by Oblomov editions, has already gone into reprint, thanks to the appeal of two masters such as Manara and Eco. It is, moreover, a unique book that puts on paper three distinct graphic styles that intersect in pursuit of visual perfection.

Each recounts an aspect of Eco’s book: the sculptures, portal reliefs, and marvelous and surreal marginalia that accompany the library’s illuminated books; Adso’s coming-of-age novel, with its discovery of sensuality and Womanhood; and the historical story of the Dolcinians, whose themes of poverty of the least, nonconformity, persecuted diversity, and dissent are crucial even today.

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