Maurizio Marinella named honorary president of Federitaly

Federitaly, the Italian Federation for the promotion and protection of Made in Italy, has made official the appointment of Maurizio Marinella as Honorary President. The decision was the result of a unified choice of the Federation’s National Council, born from the proposal of President Carlo Verdone and announced during the Press Conference held today at the prestigious Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies. The nomination of Maurizio Marinella, a successful entrepreneur, sole director of the prestigious and historic maison “E. Marinella,” and a leading figure in the Italian fashion industry worldwide, aroused great emotion for the Neapolitan entrepreneur and great enthusiasm for the entire national leadership and the Italian and foreign delegates of Federitaly.

The role of Honorary President of Federitaly becomes an official recognition of the spread of the values of excellence and Italian craftsmanship in the international arena. During the press conference, Federitaly President Carlo Verdone read the motivation for the appointment, highlighting Maurizio Marinella’s influence in promoting Federitaly’s inspirational principles and emphasizing how the well-known entrepreneur’s experience, impeccable reputation and contagious passion for Italian fashion are an inspiration to all those who work in the industry and to those who believe in the power of Italian creativity. Federitaly National Secretary Lamberto Scorzino expressed his confidence in the effectiveness of working with Maurizio Marinella as Honorary President.

An appointment that will lead to a fruitful synergy and the strengthening of the promotion of great Italian fashion and craftsmanship in the world. Scorzino added that Marinella’s name represents a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations, who will be able to look to him as an example of success and commitment to Italian excellence. With obvious enthusiasm and satisfaction, the newly appointed Honorary President Maurizio Marinella wanted to thank President Carlo Verdone, National Secretary Lamberto Scorzino and the entire National Board of Federitaly for this important recognition, stating, “It is a great thrill for me to have this recognition: the fruit of 110 years of our company’s history. We have always tried to convey a beautiful Italy and a beautiful Naples, and I am very proud for myself and my ancestors of this great recognition.”

Speakers at the event were distinguished personalities from the political and economic scene, including MEP and economist Antonio Maria Rinaldi, a well-known supporter of Made in Italy, who said, “An important day for Italian excellence and for the innovative and certified promotion of the Italian production fabric. Marinella’s appointment as Honorary President of Federitaly will ensure further momentum and promotion for Italian companies abroad.” Also underlining the extraordinary significance of this appointment for strengthening initiatives to promote “Made in Italy” in the world was the former Member of Parliament of the Republic and current head of parliamentary relations of Federitaly, Giuseppina Occhionero.






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