Maison Cilento 1780 dedicates tie and scarf to King Charles III

Maison Cilento 1780, a historic Neapolitan brand of Italian sartorial elegance, celebrated the coronation of King Charles III with a tie and scarf. In fact, on the ceremony in London, a special tie, strictly in pure navy-blue silk and handmade in Neapolitan workshops, and a silk scarf were dedicated. The accessories feature emblematic designs, respectively: the flag of the United Kingdom with the classic Union Jack shown on the side, which is part of the collection dedicated to ties of the world. Also, for women, a silk scarf with the British colors and flags to surround the plaid design.

I am honored,” says Ugo Cilento, “to be able to celebrate with a tie and scarf the coronation of King Charles III in line with the historic collaboration between our company and prestigious British textile and footwear companies that has been further strengthened over the decades. A special bond has always linked Naples and London in the sign of style and elegance.

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