Maison Battistoni at MIMIT together with Artigianato Romano

A permanent exhibition of Italian savoir-faire with displays that speak of our country’s historical brands at the entrance to the MIMIT and a staircase at the end of which the hippo (for the older ones it will not be necessary to remember the brand name) and Carmencita welcome visitors before entering the Salone degli Arazzi.
Enhancing the Roman craftsmanship, this was the theme of the meeting held last March 19, in a special context in which we had the opportunity to get in touch with institutions, entrepreneurs and those who, out of craftsmanship, have made their art with a small gallery of artisans at work, from cutting to drawing, from shoes to hats, through Battistoni‘s fashion.

Deputy Minister Valentino Valentini, Battistoni CEO Francesco Capodiferro also spoke about the importance of Italian craftsmanship, Made in Italy, and how these are true art forms. Together with them also Romina Nicoletti representing Italian Delegation Made in Italy and M.Ro.

A Made in Italy-as the Vice Minister stressed-that feeds on the work of artisans and on “how things are made” rather than “where.” A manual skill, that of Italian craftsmanship, which guarantees a very high level of quality. A quality made of heart, passion and tradition, values to be maintained and protected. A special note also for the activities related to Italian sounding and the need to fight the phenomena that, inevitably, damage Made in Italy.

They were present at the event, and we were able to see them in action:

  • Arredi Cioccolini dei Fratelli Giovanni e Aurelio Cioccolini
  • Ditta G. Marini, di Daniele Marini
  • Italian Delegation Made in Italy & M.Ro
  • L.A.R. – Paralumi, di Antonello Gualdani
  • Patrizia Fabri – Antica Manifattura Cappelli
  • Sergio Quattrocchi – Oreficeria
  • Vetrate D’Arte Giuliani, di Elsa Nocerini

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