MAIMAI: kissed by the sun

There is something irresistible about the gold-ivory combination. It is warm, delicate, sophisticated, pervaded by a vaguely shabby allure, chic and exudes a discreet elegance.

Patchwork Ivory Gold are the iconic shoes of the Salento-based company, which has always been inspired by the enchantment and energy of the nature in which it is immersed: shades of ivory and pearl mingle, almost melting, with champagne gold and yellow gold, smooth leather is flanked by suede and laminated leather, while the evaextralight sole with the unmistakable diamond imprint made by Maimai joins each piece and guarantees a unique grip. Maimai’s green commitment goes through every production step: the shoe factory where the Patchwork Ivory Gold shoes are conceived produces the electricity it needs independently thanks to its photovoltaic system and the company’s packaging is 100% sustainable.

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