Made-in-Italy beer conquers UK, Ireland and the U.S.

Imports of Italian beer to Ireland, Britain and the United States grew by 16 % in 2023. This was reported by Coldiretti in an analysis of Istat data released on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on March 17, of which beer is one of the best-known symbols.

Exports to the three Anglo-Saxon countries, starting with the United Kingdom and the U.S. where the Irish community is traditionally large, account for almost half of the total value of Italian beer sales abroad, which last year came close to 280 million euros. Beer is a sector whose “flagship is represented by the supply chain of the 100% Made in Italy craft beer, which counts on 1,182 microbreweries and brew pubs throughout the country, practically tripled in the last 10 years“, according to the Consortium of Italian Beer, created with the support of Coldiretti to represent the best of Italian production.

An allied industry that also generates jobs. The highest concentration is in Lombardy (184), then Veneto (129), Piedmont (104), Tuscany (89), Campania (81) and Lazio (70). But there are also important presences in Puglia (66), Sicily (65), Emilia-Romagna (63), Marche (54) and Sardinia (51). The issue of allied industries is also important, as the Italian craft beer supply chain provides employment for about 93,000 people. An beer ‘army’ divided between those who grow the agricultural products that serve the drink, to those engaged in the production of bottles or labels and caps all the way to logistics and communication.

And there are also those who are engaged in the development of Italian craft beer tourism with the Consortium’s project to create at least one beer road in every region of Italy to enhance the discovery of local territories and productions also through activities to be carried out in Campagna Amica Agriturismi promoted by Terranostra. Many specialties with young protagonists. Beer consumption in Italy is close to 38 liters per capita – Coldiretti and the Consortium explain – for a total of 2.2 billion liters and a value of 9.5 billion euros. The choice of beer as a drink – Coldiretti continues – has become over the years more and more refined and conscious with specialties and particular varieties: flavored, with hemp, smoked like the Ligurian one or the one with chestnuts, bergamot peels, honey or the one with Sicilian oranges. There are many productions that combine the pleasure of drinking, always consciously and carefully, with experiments with products of the earth even with an eye to intolerances.

These are productions very often made by young people with particular attention to the theme of sustainability and innovation such as – Coldiretti and the Consortium continue – complete traceability from field to glass, zero kilometer certification of origin, direct links with farms, production of highly distinctive specialties or innovative distribution forms such as ‘brewpubs’ or the opening of stalls at Campagna Amica farmers’ markets.




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