KEZIR: room fragrances only with natural and sustainable materials.

Six stories with evocative names: Katmandu, Cashmere, Sorrento, Malibu, Bourgogne, and Persia. Amber, spicy, aromatic, floral or unexpected. These are the families and olfactory pyramids of Kezir, the new line of room fragrances created by master perfumers in absolute exclusivity for Arti & Mestieri, produced in Italy and made only from natural and recyclable materials.


Six enthralling and evocative fragrances, capable of making us feel the ocean breeze, the scent of Sorrento lemons or the temples of Katmandu. Amber, neroli, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, rose hip, cardamom, cedar and pine wood, salt, grape must, strawberry and black cherry, rose and talc are some of the elements that make up the top, middle and base notes of the fragrances.

Glass and natural beech wood, painted iron decorations with natural water-based pigments are the materials used to produce the packaging containing the essences, available in three sizes of 500 ml with Papillon decoration, 250 ml with Lotus Flower decoration and 100 ml with Papillon decoration, in 50 ml spray and 250 ml Refill versions.

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