Italmoto’s ‘back to bike’ goal.
Previewed at the 79th EICMA in Milan last November, the Trionfale is the new two-seater electric vehicle designed and built by Italmoto.

Back to bike‘ is the claim of the Trionfale’s launch campaign, but more than a slogan, ‘Back to bike’ can be considered Italmoto‘s visionary objective of bringing young people closer to the world of ‘make’, inviting them to get their hands dirty in workshops, cellars and garages, just as they did a few years ago. Sustainable, futuristic, but above all beautiful and powerful, the Trionfale: a mix of beauty, passion and Made in Italy technology.

The Fat 24-inch wheels, full front and rear suspension, the two-seater all-leather saddle and the motorcycle-inspired aluminium cradle frame are some of the distinctive features of the Trionfale. The batteries guarantee an autonomy of up to 80 km and the on-board computer allows the rider to check speed, autonomy and kilometres travelled at any time, also signalling any anomalies.

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