Italian Espresso looks to the future

Reuse of waste products, sustainability, research, but also attention to human capital and domestic consumption where the moka coffee maker finds less and less space replaced by machines that use coffee beans. Sustainability, looking at tomorrow’s consumer, training, research. These are just some of the key words that unite Italian companies looking to the future without losing sight of the past. Italian espresso is indeed a great tradition that makes the made-in-Italy way of life unique in the world, but as times change, even the historic companies that produce what is a true Italian icon are keeping an eye on economic and social changes.  “The coffee world is facing important issues for the future, including sustainability, the issue of human resources, and the exploration of new market segments.

The IEI companies, I must say are very virtuous from this point of view, above all they are dynamic companies that look to the future carefully by making important investments even in these difficult times,” the consideration of the President of the Italian Espresso Institute, Luigi Morello. The Italian Espresso Institute (IEI), which includes coffee roasters, coffee machine and grinder manufacturers and other companies in the supply chain, protects and promotes the culture of quality Italian espresso and cappuccino. Today it has 36 member companies with an aggregate turnover of more than 700 million euros.

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