“Invisible City” by Veronica Gaido

On the occasion of the second edition of Pietrasanta Design Week-end, the Complesso Monumentale Chiostro di Sant’Agostino in the Versilia town will host Veronica Gaido’s exhibition INVISIBLE CITY curated by Maria Vittoria Baravelli from October 19 to December 10, 2023.

Created in 2015, INVISIBLE CITY is a photographic series for which the artist was inspired by Italo Calvino’s famous novel of the same name. The exhibition, after being hosted at the Consulate General of Italy in New York from May to September 2023, lands in Italy and will be one of the flagship events of Pietrasanta Design Week-end. From New York to Beijing, from Miami to Tokyo, the buildings of these great metropolises are transformed as they pass through Veronica Gaido’s eye and become living substance, pure light.

The artist makes the hard material of the monumental architectures become fluid, flexible, sinuous; she treats the skyscrapers as if they were bamboo canes moved by the wind, traversed by light, time and its emotions, in a vision that looks to early 20th century futurist painting, but becomes futuristic. A real passage of matter where the solid becomes fluid and vibrant, creating images that attract and repel at the same time and that, transporting the mind into the sphere of the sublime, make the imagination run wild and give life to other spaces and worlds.

In this way, Veronica Gaido is not just a photographer, but a painter of reality, an artist who paints with light to make us see the world with a new perspective, reminding us that beauty is everywhere, if we are willing to observe carefully and sensitively. Veronica Gaido, using long exposure and composing and decomposing the subjects she portrays, whether bodies or architecture, as in this case, gives us back her personal interpretation of the realities and emotions that that precise piece of the world has aroused in her.


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