Haute Couture returns to Rome

Fashion designer Michele Miglionico took to the catwalk, of the Roma Couture event, conceived by Grazia Marino and Antonio Falanga that took place in Rome in the historic 16th-century building of Palazzo Ripetta, an excerpt from his haute couture collection “Madonne Lucane.”

The event sponsored by the Department of Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion of the City of Rome, produced by Spazio Margutta, has as its mission to bring attention back to a sector, that of “handmade” feature of our Made in Italy. It was a tribute to pure craftsmanship, tailoring, to the importance of uniqueness and preciousness for the single detail, to the exclusive products intent on enhancing the traditions that can be handed down to new generations.

On that occasion, fashion designer Michele Miglionico presented nine outfits that hark back to tradition by recounting the cultural, artistic and anthropological heritage of his homeland, Basilicata, exalting the elements of Lucanian costume, craftsmanship, sacredness and building a connection with the contemporary by drawing inspiration from the Madonnas venerated and carried in procession and its female figures who in this territory, a magical place full of beauty and contradictions, still consecrate the most beautiful and precious dresses to the cult statues out of devotion.

Four fashion paintings were proposed in the exclusive Bernini Hall by the couturiers: Michele Miglionico, Nino Lettieri, Giada Curti, Gian Paolo Zuccarello, constant sartorial presences in the shows dedicated to Haute Couture. The event was presented by fashion journalist Cinzia Malvini in front of a parterre that included Rome City Councilor for Major Events, Tourism, Sport and Fashion, Alessandro Onorato, Guillermo Mariotto creative director of the Gattinoni fashion house, Fabiola Sciabbarrasi and actress Elisabetta Pellini. The models’ look was completed by Raffaele Squillace’s make-up and Simone and Luca Bartorelli hair style.


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