Gucci returns to the brand’s origins

Gucci returns to its origins and chooses Paris to do so where, at 229 rue Saint-Honoré, it opens its first permanent boutique dedicated to luggage.

Two floors inspired by the luxury travels of the Belle Époque, furnished in an elegant, refined and intimate way. The décor is inspired by the luggage trolleys in which a careful selection of Gucci’s travel items are displayed, from shopping bags to backpacks, from tote bags to garment bags, as well as beauty cases, hat boxes, suitcases and trunks and the aluminium trolleys created in collaboration with Italian luxury luggage company Fpm Milano.

Gucci Valigeria is a reminder of our Florentine roots and timeless craftsmanshi,” says Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and ceo. “It is a symbol of our tradition, which is now reinterpreted for modern travellers and explorers. Rue saint-honoré in Paris is the ideal place to host our first Gucci Valigeria boutique, a space designed to give access to a unique world of constant travel and discovery.

The history between Gucci and luggage is indeed a very old one, dating back to the late 19th century, when the founder Guccio Gucci made trunks and suitcases a cult object. While working as a porter at London’s Savoy Hotel, Guccio Gucci discovered the magic of travel at a time when travelling was a bridge between cultures that could offer unexpected experiences. The rest is history.

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