Giorgio Armani 11: harmonious balance

Knight of the Republic, Knight of the Grand Cross, Giorgio Armani is not only a great creator of fashion and cult objects; unlike many of his colleagues, he is a businessman and a successful entrepreneur, as demonstrated by the fact that his company did not end up in the hands of the big French groups or the funds of the Arabian Peninsula.

He is a perfectionist and a courageous visionary who, in the 80s, challenged the English sartorial tradition by deconstructing the jacket and transforming it into the symbol of his collections, gave charm and sensuality to the male body with soft lines and light fabrics, invented greige, dressed women ‘in a feminine way using masculine subjects’ and – before anyone else – gave voice to the social phenomenon of street style by speaking to the new generations.

Like everyone else, in the 80s Armani extended the brand’s presence in several directions with the phenomenon of brand extensions, and here too, King Giorgio’s ability to present the various segments is a perfect example of management, because he succeeded in transmitting the personality and value of the classic brand to all the product and category extensions that benefit from the halo effect.

Michel Parmigiani, on the other hand, is not just a Master Watchmaker. He is a Master of art and life who welcomes you into a world made up of observation of nature to arrive at an awareness of the existence of its driving factor: harmony. It is no coincidence that Michel Parmigiani is a passionate scholar of Fibonacci, the golden sequence and Ф (Phi), the number in which Luca Pacioli‘s ‘divine proportion’ is condensed. So much so that, when in 1996 he designed the first watch for the Maison he had just founded, he was inspired by the golden sequence and its unique characteristic: when traced around a central point, the Fibonacci sequence creates a perfect spiral.

So, inspired by the spiral that nature draws on the carapace of certain molluscs, Michel Parmigiani designed the Toric, his first watch. One thing that perhaps not everyone knows is that we are ‘programmed’ by Mother Nature not only to recognize what is in a golden ratio, but also to fall in love with it, because the objects that use it have a great aesthetic balance. Music with a strong emotional impact is called harmonic, and to enhance the beauty of an object or an individual we speak of harmony of shapes. The encounter between these two great researchers of beauty could not but give rise to a tribute to harmony.

In 2021, the Armani Group signed a collaboration agreement with Parmigiani Fleurier to create a limited and numbered series of haute horlogerie models for the Giorgio Armani Fine Watches collection to be sold exclusively in selected Giorgio Armani boutiques around the world. A collaboration, that between the two Maisons, based on a shared vision of precision and the pursuit of beauty as an expression of timeless value from which Giorgio Armani 11 was born, the new collection of unisex timepieces in a numbered edition with moon phase and automatic movement, named after the street number of the historic headquarters in Via Borgonuovo but which is also Giorgio Armani’s day of birth and which represents the perfect balance between the aesthetics of the Italian designer and the manufacturing tradition of the Swiss maison.

Those who know Parmigiani Fleurier cannot fail to recognize the Maestro’s trait in the design of the shaped case and the formal cleanliness of the dial with its baton hour markers except for the 11 in Arabic numerals and the hands. A combination that is enriched with the characteristic traits of Armani’s aesthetics: from the stitching to the logo at 12 o’clock that echoes the label on the inside of jackets, as well as the tapered, elegant needle-and-scissors hands. The model, which is fitted with a leather strap, comes in three materials and five variants: in steel with a blue and grey dial, in rose gold with an ivory or grey dial, and in yellow gold with a black dial. This collection expresses aesthetic excellence, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and the experimentation of a new manufacturing language for objects destined to last forever.


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