Fragment: with these sneakers, everything works out

Fragments. Pieces. Of everything. Of everything. That which falls, shatters and is assembled as a whole again. That which is celestial body, which wanders in the darkness and becomes sparkling shooting star. That which is of life, which must be arranged, one beside the other, in a succession of fragments that fit into each other to compose an existence.
That which is heart picked up, cared for and sutured back together, with needle and thread of love. That which is landscape or photographic shot, which is fixed in the eyes and which our mind recomposes when it seeks an oasis. What is thought or brief and luminous intuition. These are the fragments that enhance Fragment, the conceptual and evocative name of the new trainers that MAIMAI composes for this season in a new, exciting mosaic.

The Salento-based company has taken precious fragments of smooth, laminated, mirrored leather and suede and stitched them together thanks to the patient and masterly work of its craftsmen. Different geometries and leathers combined to form a harmonious, creative, high-impact whole. Even more extraordinary because it plays on the contrast between high-level craftsmanship and an extralight, technical and gritty Eva running sole. Even more important because made with the good of people and the environment in mind: all the trainers are 100% made in Italy and are created exclusively with the energy of the sun.

The MAIMAI Fragment are made to create a new ensemble, composed of unique pieces and therefore unique and special.

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