Fourth edition of Watches Of Italy kicks off in Tortona

Opening today at the Museum of Agricultural Machinery “Orsi” in Tortona is the fourth edition of Watches Of Italy the market exhibition dedicated to Italian brands and companies in the supply chain, which is gaining more and more interest and features 50 Italian companies in the sector.

Many companies have chosen to launch their new products or introduce themselves to the market on this very occasion. We were already sold-out well before the official closing of registrations: it means that the sector is in turmoil and that there are many companies involved in this field“, comments Fabrizio Dellachà, organizer and creator of the event, who adds, “It is an opportunity that allows you to present yourself to the public even if you are a micro-brand or a small artisan company with few resources.

The goal is that these companies can work in synergy under the umbrella of a national association.” “W.O.I. has found its natural evolution in a parallel project: the establishment of the National Association of the Italian Watch Industry, which we will officially announce on Sunday during the event. In addition, I am working on the Punzone d’Italia an hallmark which will identify Italian artifacts with different levels of qualification: the logo and specifications have already been filed. All that remains is to open the memberships and start the certifications,” Dellachà concludes.




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