Flos Olei 2024: 56 countries, 90 maps, 500 companies and 775 extra virgin oils

Flos Olei 2024, the first and only guide dedicated to international extra virgin olive oil edited by Marco Oreggia and Laura Marinelli reaches its 15th edition and presents the 500 best olive oil farms 2024 selected in 56 countries. This year’s new entry territory is Valle d’Aosta: a small production area, but a land where olive growing has its roots as far back as the Middle Ages. This edition’s Hall of Fame is composed of Italian and Spanish companies plus a new entry from Croatia, while The Best gives 11 awards to Italy, five to Spain, and one each to Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Argentina. Flos Olei celebrates the excellence of olive oil production, but also the excellence of the region’s production.

“This edition of Flos Olei 2024 brings with it historical names but also new faces of quality extra virgin olive oil,” conclude editors Marco Oreggia and Laura Marinelli, “who continue to animate the large and varied landscape of our industry. Ours is a unique guide that has been celebrating excellence in extra virgin olive oil for fifteen years and, at the same time, constitutes a contact point between producers, journalists, stakeholders and international import-export professionals united in a continuous and shared dialogue, the basis of the development of a sector of inestimable value for the territories and people who are part of it that project the sector into an increasingly promising future.”

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